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Monday, May 23, 2011

Weekly Magick: Journaling

Believe it or not, keep a journal is important for any Wiccan for many, many different reasons! Now, this journal is different from your Book of Shadows. This journal is for personal thoughts, ideas, and just general feelings. In fact, I have several different journals (or folders) for different areas of my life. I have my general journal, with things like how my day went, what I am feeling, what is going on, and things like that. Then I have a health journal for keeping my health problems in check. I have a financial journal to keep my feelings about how things are financially together. I have lots of little ones, like creativity, etc.But I also have records for spells, rituals, and even herbal remedies. During this week, we'll discover how important these journals are.

I don't know about you, but I journaled in middle and high school. In fact, I had an English class where we were required to keep journals on certain topics. It was part of a "Creative Writing" stint, but the classroom enjoyed it so much, the teacher decided to keep doing it. And if we had a spectacular weekend, we were able to "Sound Off" instead of writing about whatever was on the board. I "sounded off" more than I wrote a page or two full of fiction. In high school, we were required to write about Business topics in my Intro to Business class, but because I wasn't interested in business at the time, I decided to write about things that happened that impacted business. I was beginning to learn who I was at the time, and realized that I loved writing more than anything.

Keeping a journal while you walk the path of Wicca is important for that very reason. It helps you develop your closeness with your decisions during your lifetime. You learn a lot about yourself. You also learn a lot about your beliefs.

Not only do you learn, you get a sense of release. If you are angry and afraid you will say something nasty to the person, tell them in your journal. I know I've been so mad that I just wanted to yell at that person. But instead, I wrote it down. I made angry-looking drawings in the margins. I used big letters. I used black pens. I automatically felt a little better.

I am not a psychologist by any means. I am just going by what I have done and what happened. If you feel you have a problem that can't be solved by putting pen to paper or any other form of non-professional remedy, then it might be time to pick up the phone.


Joyce Lansky said...

I consider my blog to be a way to keep a journal.


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